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Alan calls on Chairboys to check their prostate cancer risk

Trust director Alan Cecil appeals to male Wanderers.

6 January 2022

Wycombe Wanderers Trust director Alan Cecil is encouraging male Chairboys fans over 40 to follow the guidance given by Prostate Cancer UK at this weekend's fixture against Sunderland.

The club have teamed up with the charity to urge supporters to spend 30 seconds completing their online risk checker, to offer guidance on potential check-ups and treatments depending on the age, ethnicity and family history of prostate cancer of each supporter.

Alan has shared his story:

Until June 2021 I had no idea that I had any problem with my prostate. Indeed, I knew very little about the gland itself. Then I had a routine blood test and whilst all other levels were ok, my PSA came out at 8.7 when it should be no higher than 4 for a man of my age.

The next stage was an MRI scan at the Wycombe Hospital Scanner followed by a biopsy in the excellent Urology Unit there, which revealed cancer in 4 out of 7 cells within the prostate.

Thankfully this was detected early and was isolated to the prostate gland without spreading to the surrounding bones. The choice of treatment was either the surgical removal of the prostate or one of several forms of radiotherapy.

Both have similar rate of success but also side-effects which have to be managed. I chose the radiotherapy (along with hormone therapy by tablet and injection) and had 20 sessions of this at Mount Vernon Hospital over 4 weeks, ending just before Christmas.

The next stage will be another PSA blood test this Spring to hopefully show that my PSA level has gone down to a much lower figure.

Had it not been for that early and simple blood test, then the cancer may not have been found until it was much further advanced.

That is why I would recommend that every man over 50 takes the online risk checker and follow the advice provided by Prostate Cancer UK, whether they have any symptoms or not. It might be advised that you arrange a check-up or blood test.

The care and treatment provided so quickly by the NHS has been great, as has the support available from the Prostate Cancer UK and Macmillan charities.

Thanks also to my family and friends for their support – it’s been good to talk about it!

Click here to learn more about the club's support of Prostate Cancer UK this weekend.

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