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Bodger celebrates World Book Day with tour of local schools

Mascot hands out 50 free books at local schools.

5 March 2021

Pupils in five local schools had a visit from the Wycombe Wanderers mascot, Bodger, as part of the events for World Book Day on Thursday 4th March.

During the day, Bodger, along with staff from the Wycombe Wanderers Sports and Education Trust, visited pupils at Carrington Junior, Oakridge, Beechview, Disraeli and Hamilton Schools to share some story time.

Each school was presented with over 50 free books, thanks to the Premier League Charitable Fund and the National Literacy Trust.

To end the day, Bodger delivered some books to a few young people at home so they didn’t miss out on World Book Day. In addition, Bodger put together a PowerPoint about World Book Day which was shared with 25 primary schools.

Along with the reading time, the schools have also had the chance to join a live football based session, with many other schools around the country, and take part in sports based reading activities. There are also WWSET prizes for the most creative costumes in the traditional dress up for World Book Day – mostly all virtual this year, of course!


- 400 books delivered
- 200 children read to by Bodger
- 25 schools engaged

Mark Heath, Head of Education at WWSET said, “Reading is key to happiness and success. It takes you to new places, fires your imagination and introduces you to exciting worlds and adventures. The great thing is that there are books for everyone, whatever your interests. We are proud to be able to present these books to schools who we work closely with throughout the year.”

Oakridge teacher Matt Trice added, whilst dressed at the Enormous Crocodile, “It’s wonderful that WWSET and Bodger have given us all these new books. Reading is a skill and a pleasure that we instil in all our pupils. We hope they enjoy curling up and immersing themselves in these new books.”

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