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Stocko sets big targets

Goalkeeper David Stockdale wants fans to experience a high-flying season.

2 July 2021

The Chairboys shotstopper chats to us about his summer, getting back his precious number 13 shirt and his hopes that fans will experience a Chairboys climb back into the Championship.

How has your summer been Stocko? What have you been up to?

I moved house and I went on holiday to Portugal. It was one of the most stressful holidays I’ve ever had; filling out Boris forms, testing and the kids testing too. It's like I’ve come back to pre-season for a rest!

A new season and a new number. What’s the reasoning behind number 13?

It’s not a new number - everybody knows me as 13!

It was a difficult choice actually because my son has just taken 31 on his football team and now I’m changing. 13 has always been my number and hopefully it’ll put me in good stead like it always has.

Maybe in a few years, he’ll be number 13 too!

He was 13 last year but he’s joined a new club, so he’s not happy!

He’ll have to fight for the number then!

Like I had to fight Cameron last year, but he won!

Since last season, we’ve lost Ryan Allsop. What was it like working with him in the goalkeeper union and what will be different this year?

It was brilliant! We had a great relationship and he did brilliantly. It’s strange not seeing him or any of the other lads that have left. It’s almost like something is missing. He’s chosen to go on a different path. Wherever he pops up, we’ll be hearing his name and we all wish him the best and he was a great goalkeeper for us. We can’t wait to see where he ends up.

Thinking about the season ahead, what are your personal aims? A few more assists? Maybe even a goal?

Well, a goal would be nice! I’m getting closer. 

The fans didn’t get to see us in the Championship, so for me, getting us back there is a massive thing, just to be able to let them see it because it’s different when you’re there and they’ve never had that experience. I think that’s the driving force. For the fans, we are setting a target of going up and I’m not one to ever shirk away. If we don’t make it, there’ll be a reason why and we’ll say it. But why not? We’re in a league to compete - we’ve done it once before. This time we’ve got to do it the easy way and go up automatically.

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