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Grimmer: The club keeps moving forward

Defender impressed by changes both on and off the pitch.

2 July 2021

Jack Grimmer returned to pre-season training at Marlow Road, adamant that the changes the club have been making on and off the pitch will help the Chairboys win more games this season.

How was your summer Jack? Obviously, you’ve got a new bit of bling on your finger!

Yes, I do! It was a very special summer - a different summer than we’re used to in terms of going away on holiday and things - but I think we really found the value in Scotland. We got married in the North of Scotland where my grandparents are from. We had a nice little ceremony with ten of us there and a honeymoon on the West Coast of Scotland. It was really special and a different break for us. It was a summer I’ll never forget, that’s for sure.

Coming back to Wycombe is not quite so scenic, but there have been some improvements at the training ground. What have you made of those?

I think I’ve brought the Scottish clouds down here with me!

The training ground is amazing. Like you said, there have been a few changes - more than a few actually - the changing rooms and the gym, and all the subtle touches that make it seem really professional which is great for the club. There’s been a lot of changes on and off the field since I joined two years ago and the club keeps moving forward and keeps growing which makes it even more exciting to be a part of it.

Looking forward to the new season, are these changes going to encourage the team?

For sure! I’ve always been of the opinion that if the club is professional off the field, it helps the squad be professional on the field. I don’t think people realise how much of an impact those changes make. Every day you come in and now you’ve got a great gym to work in and nice changing rooms - it lifts the whole level of the place. It’s a great thing for all the players and we’re very thankful to the Couhigs for the funding they’re putting in. Rob and Pete are really trying to build this club from the foundations up.

What are your personal aims for the season?

To win games. Last season was a great season because it was the highest that the club had ever been but it’s no secret that we didn’t win enough games and that’s inevitably why we find ourselves back in League One. I just want to get back to winning games and helping the team however I can and just enjoy my football, which I’ve been lucky enough to do since I joined here - I’ve loved my football again and I think when you’re doing that and you’re part of a squad that is happy, the winning will come.

Finally, a non-Wycombe question - as a Scot, will you be supporting England now in the Euros?

I think that probably much to the disgust of my family and friends - I am. For me, this England team gets a lot of stick for doing very little wrong and I just want them to prove people wrong. It’s a very likeable England team and they all come across as good guys - I want them to go all the way, for sure.

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