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Information regarding refunds for season ticket holders

Chairman Rob Couhig provides an update.

26 February 2021

Below is the statement issued to season ticket holders on February 26th.

*We are aware that a number of season ticket holders - particularly those with Hotmail email addresses - have not been receiving email communications from the club. We are doing all we can to overcome this issue and will, where required, manually send emails to those affected until the situation is resolved.*

Earlier this week, we all received the news from the government that we had come to expect, but hoped wouldn’t be the case: we will not be able to welcome fans back to Adams Park this season. It is a great shame – on many levels – that this season has been played almost entirely behind closed doors.

On a more positive note, there is no reason not to believe that next season will start with Wycombe playing in front of crowds. That is what we are planning for, and as part of those preparations, we want to make sure we are ready to begin selling season tickets in the near future.

Season tickets will be the same price next year.  Last June, we established our prices based on the premise that we would charge an amount that was fair and reasonable regardless of which division in which we might be playing. In maintaining the prices, we believe we can deliver real value by enhancing the team on the pitch and your experience off of it.

Before launching the new season ticket package, however, we must address the issue of season tickets from the current 2020/21 season. As you will remember, we sold 2,448 season tickets last summer. The vast majority of those tickets were sold before we won promotion. While we could have sold many more tickets, we set that figure based on our predictions of what our stadium capacity might be under social distancing restrictions, and as it happened, we weren’t far off. Sadly, we never got the chance to put that theory into practice, aside from those two games in December played in front of 1,000 and 2,000 supporters.

I want to thank each and every one of our 2,448 supporters who parted with their money in a time of uncertainty. Your unwavering commitment to the club has underpinned everything we are trying to achieve. Your patience and understanding during your long absence from Adams Park has been a great help. 

Last year, I made a pledge and I stand by that pledge. Because we were not able to fulfill our commitment to have you attend matches as we had planned, if you would like a full refund, you can have it, no questions asked. We recognize that this has been a difficult year and many have had unexpected financial pressures. 

However, if you are in a position to waive your refund, it would certainly be appreciated. We will make sure you know how much you are appreciated. You will be guaranteed the absolute highest priority status that probably any season ticket holder has benefitted from in the history of this club. Trust me, you will be front of the queue at every opportunity, and receive invitations to join Missy, Pete, and me at an exclusive party and pre-season activities at Adams Park.

Just as important, keeping your money in the club will go a long way to helping us keep the squad as strong as it possibly can be including enhancing our reserve squad. We continue to enhance the experience for fans at Adams Park and will be excited to have you back to see it for yourself.

There is a third option for season ticket holders who recognize that they received some value for their season ticket purchase but nonetheless would like some amount of refund but do not want to withdraw their money altogether. We are inviting you to claim your refund less £230 – the equivalent of the 23 iFollow match passes that you have had access to for home matches played behind closed doors. Supporters who choose this option – and buy a season ticket for 2021/22 – will receive second priority status on booking tickets.

We are asking you now to please choose which option you’d like to take, and hope to complete this process by March 21st. Details on how to do this are outlined below.

We expect to make 2021/22 season tickets available to the general public after April 1. Based on the requests we were not able to fulfil and the growing excitement over the Club, we expect there to be a strong demand for those tickets. Please let us know which of the three options you choose.

I look forward to seeing you at Adams Park soon.

Rob Couhig

How to make your refund decision
- Please login to your ticketing account at If you’ve forgotten your password, you can hit the Forgot Password prompt and reset it to a new one.
- When logged in, hit the dropdown menu next to your name in the top right corner and go to ‘My account’
- Under ‘Season Tickets’, click the option to expand the page and a new page will appear displaying your season ticket details
- Here, you will see – on a blue background – an option to ‘Make Decision for 20/21 Season Ticket’
- Now you will see three options:
1) I will waive the value of my season ticket (this means you will claim no refund)
2) I wish to waive my iFollow contribution (this means you will claim a refund less £230)
3) I request a full refund on my season ticket (this means you will claim a full refund)
- Select your chosen option and hit YES
- If you wish to change your decision before the March 21st deadline, please email and this can be arranged
- After March 21st, you will be contacted directly by the club depending on which option you have selected

Please note that any season ticket holder that does not follow these steps will be assumed to be waiving any refund.


Why can’t I roll over the sum I paid for my 2020/21 season ticket into next year?
The change in ticketing provider from last year to this means that the refunding and buying of season tickets must be carried out in separate transactions.

Season ticket holders also received six midweek away fixtures as part of the package; should we deduct these from our refund on top of the £230 suggested?
No – those games are on us, as a thank you for your commitment of buying a season ticket last summer.

Season ticket holders received access to one or two matches in December when restrictions were lift; should we deduct these from our refund?
No – those games are on us.

How does the priority basis work?
Season tickets – and additional benefits including booking tickets for in-demand fixtures next season – will follow this priority order:
1) 2021/22 season ticket holders who did not claim a refund for 2020/21
2) 2021/22 season ticket holders who claimed a refund less £230 for 2020/21
3) 2021/22 season ticket holders
There are additional priority levels, including Trust members, further down this order.

When will I get my refund?
Once all season ticket holders have followed the steps outlined above to make their decision (deadline: March 21st), the club will then run a report of all those who require a full or partial refund and make direct contact with those supporters to arrange the refund. How long this process takes will depend on the number of refunds that are required to be manually processed.

Can I change my mind?
Yes – if you wish to change your decision before the March 21st deadline, please email and this can be arranged.

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