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2021/22 season tickets now on general sale

We can't wait to have you back...

26 April 2021

Wycombe Wanderers are excited to launch the general sale of its season tickets ahead of the long-awaited return of fans to Adams Park for the 2021/22 campaign.

Simply head to and create an account if you haven't done so already. Once in your account, click 'Buy Available Products' and choose either Season Ticket 2021/22 (to pay in full) or Season Ticket Subscription (to pay monthly).

At the next step, you can choose your seats and proceed to payment.

All unclaimed seats are now available to purchase, with the deadline for existing season ticket holders to buy the same seat having now passed.

Here's how to buy a new season ticket:

You can also add a Physical Season Card to your basket if you would like to receive a physical card for £5; alternatively your ticket will be sent to your via email later this summer for you to store on your phone.

If you have any issues with access to your online account or issues related to the online purchase process, please email The club will endeavour to reply to each email within 48 hours.

In the event of any fixture being played in a restricted attendance – be it home, away, cup or play-off matches – priority access will be granted firstly to 2021/22 season ticket holders who waived their 2020/21 season ticket refund. The full priority list can be found below in the FAQs.

For the first time, the club are delighted to offer supporters the chance to move to a recurring monthly payment plan for their season ticket, removing the requirement to make lump sum payments each year.

The new subscription service is charged at exactly the same price, only spread monthly, and comes with exactly the same benefits, priority booking and fixed seat for each game, with no interest or admin fee charged.

And fans who pay for multiple season tickets can also collate those purchases into one payment each month.

Season tickets and matchday ticket prices can be found here.

Supporters will be given the opportunity to either have their season ticket sent to their mobile phone (free of charge) or opt for a Season Ticket Access Card with embedded chip (£5 per card). Please tick whichever option you would prefer at the point of purchase.


What is the priority booking order?
Priority for tickets for in-demand fixtures, such as cup, away or play-off fixtures, is as follows:
1. 2021/22 season ticket holders who waived the refund for their 2020/21 season ticket
2. 2021/22 season ticket holders who waived the iFollow value of the refund for their 2020/21 season ticket
3. 2021/22 season ticket holders who purchased a season ticket for 2020/21 (and claimed a refund)
4. 2021/22 season ticket holders
Additional priority windows may be added ahead of general sale.

Can I buy season tickets on behalf of others in my account?
Yes – just add additional people to the ’social bubble’ on your account (which you can do by inputting their email addresses where prompted), and you can tick the box next to their name to add their season tickets to your order.

What are the terms of the subscription model?
The first payment is made on the day you create the season ticket subscription. In the subsequent months, your payment will be taken on the same date of the month. For example, if you create a season ticket subscription on 26th April, you will pay the first subscription payment immediately, and then your account will be debited on the 26th of each subsequent month. Your subscription is connected to a payment card, where a fixed amount is then deducted monthly.

You can see your payment history when you log in to your account at Here, you can select ”My Subscriptions” and thereby see your payment history and update your payment card if required.

There is a binding period of 12 months from the date at which the subscription is created for season tickets. After this lock-in period, there is a notice period of one month. Should the period of subscription cross over two different seasons, the club reserves the right to increase/decrease your monthly payments in line with changes in season ticket price.

Fans who do not serve a notice period will have their season tickets rolled over for subsequent seasons (subject to any price changes), which means there is no need to go through the renewal process every season.

Can I transfer my seat to a different seat?
Yes, but 2020/21 season ticket holders’ seats will be reserved until Monday 24th May 2021. If you’d like to move to a new seat, you can do so immediately if it is not occupied by another season ticket holder, or wait until Monday 24th May to see if it becomes available. To transfer to a new seat immediately, you will need to click the trolley button under the banner that reads “Buy a ticket with a new seat” and then choose new seats from those available on the Stadium Map.

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