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Club gets green light to Let Fans In

1,000 fans to attend Wednesday's fixture against Stoke City.

30 November 2020

Wycombe Wanderers are delighted to have received approval from its local Safety Advisory Group for the return of fans to Adams Park for Wednesday’s Championship fixture against Stoke City (k.o. 7.45pm).

An application for a pilot event of up to 1,000 spectators has been given the green light and the club looks forward to opening the gates to its proud home for the first time since February.

Places are being allocated to its season ticket holders, executive box holders and key sponsors in line with the club’s pledge in the summer that it will grant access to fans in the chronological order in which they purchased their season ticket. Therefore invitations to attend have been issued today (Monday) via email to the supporters who were the first to have made their purchase in the summer.

Included in that email will be a link to our ticketing portal where fans will be able to select their seat, and a unique code which will permit you to choose a seat once you have inserted this code where prompted. If you have multiple season tickets assigned to one email address, you will receive multiple codes and will need to type these in where prompted before checking out.

Please note that supporters will most likely not have access to the seat assigned to their season ticket; this is because the club have had to designate available seating in line with social distancing regulations. You must have selected your seat by 9am on Wednesday morning; if you don’t, we will need to presume that you are not attending and we will offer that place to the next season ticket holder on the list. If you cannot or choose not to attend, please email to enable us to offer your place to someone else. It is absolutely our intention to have 1,000 supporters in the stadium, and no fewer.

If you do not receive an email, this means you do not fall into the first 1,000 fans to have purchased a season ticket and regrettably we will not be able to accommodate you for this fixture.

On the basis that the pilot event passes successfully, the club will be able to accommodate 2,000 supporters for the following Championship fixture against Coventry City on 12th December. Further details on this match will follow in due course.

Attending fans must abide by the club’s Code of Conduct for this fixture. This is vital for the health and safety of all supporters, and to give the club every chance of successfully passing the pilot event in order to accommodate more fans at future matches. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may severely jeopardise the future opportunities for fans to attend football games, not just at Adams Park but on a wider scale.

The club’s operational team are working hard to ensure all processes are run smoothly and efficiently with health and safety as the number one priority. Please do not contact the ticket office unless you have an urgent enquiry, and be aware that wait times may be longer than usual during this busy time.

This event has attracted the attention of the world’s media and the club have secured coverage on a selected number of TV broadcasters who will be present at the stadium. Fans may be approached for interview on arrival, conducted in a safe and socially distanced manner, and it is at your discretion whether or not you wish to take part.


Government guidance suggested that clubs in Tier 2 of Covid-19 restrictions (including Wycombe) could accommodate up to 2,000 fans. Why are you only permitting 1,000?

This fixture is a pilot event, in line with government regulations, in order to allow the club to put its Covid-19 protocols into practice on a smaller scale before proceeding to the larger capacity of 2,000 for future matches, provided that the protocols are carried out satisfactorily.

I didn’t receive the opportunity to renew my season ticket until some days after they went on sale, which means I wasn’t able to be one of the first 1,000 to make a purchase. What can I do?
The club have assigned timestamps next to the name of each supporter who purchased a season ticket, and every effort has been made to ensure that these timestamps relate to the point at which your renewal email was sent to you. It is these timestamps which have dictated the first 1,000 fans who are being invited to attend.

I received my email invitation but am unable or unwilling to attend. Can I give my seat to someone else?
Please email to let the club know that you will not be attending, and your seat to be offered to the next supporter down the list.

I am feeling unwell or have Covid-19 symptoms. Can I attend?
No – you must not attend Adams Park you have a new cough, a fever or temperature, are unusually short of breath during exercise or at rest, or have a loss of smell or taste. Failure to comply may jeopardise the health of other WWFC supporters and club staff. The club will be conducting temperature checks on randomly selected spectators on arrival; anyone with a temperature above 37.8C will not be permitted entry. Fans will be required to fill out a short online questionnaire to specify that they do not have any Covid-19 symptoms prior to arriving at the stadium; this questionnaire will be sent in the email with the ticketing instructions.

Will the club continue to offer complimentary access for season ticket holders to watch on iFollow?
Yes – all season ticket holders’ iFollow accounts will continue to be activated with access to watch all home and midweek away games until further notice.

I live in a Tier 3 zone but have been invited to attend. Am I able to do so?
Government guidance suggests that people should avoid travelling between zones unless it is essential; the club are not in a position to enforce this and will leave it to the discretion of each supporter to make this decision.

Can I be guaranteed to sit close to friends/family/other members of my social bubble?
For this fixture, seats are only available on a first-come-first-served one-per-person basis. This means that if you wish to secure seats close to someone you know, you should liaise with that person to find two adjacent seats and book one each as quickly as possible.

Which stands are open?
For this fixture, season ticket holders can select seats in the Origin Family Stand, Frank Adams Stand and Lords Builders Merchants Stand, or the very outer blocks of the PreSonus Stand. The terrace will be closed, and the centre of the PreSonus Stand will be used partially as a ‘red zone’ for playing and coaching staff, and partially for corporate guests and media.

Will there be any food or drink available?
For this fixture, there will be no catering provision available, and therefore the club will allow fans to bring their own food and drink. No alcohol is permitted on site.

How should I get to the game?

Government guidance recommends against the use of public transport unless essential; therefore we ask all fans to arrive in their own cars, either alone or with other members of their social bubble. The club will accommodate as many cars as possible on site, charged at £5 per vehicle, although spaces are incredibly limited and reduced from last year. For this reason we suggest fans park before they arrive at Adams Park, with some businesses on Hillbottom Road opening up their parking bays for use (Synergy and RBF buildings). This may incur a charge.

When can I arrive?
Your e-ticket will specify times at which supporters in different areas of the stadium should arrive; this is to facilitate the smooth and safe flow of supporters into the stadium, accounting for temperature and ticketing checks at each gate. Your ticket will also specify the gate at which you should enter the stadium.

What are the check-in times?
Your e-ticket will specify a Check-In Time Number, which correlates as follows:

Check-In Time 1 – 18.30-18.45
Check-In Time 2 – 18.45-19.00
Check-In Time 3 – 19.00-19.15
Check-In Time 4 – 19.15-19.30

Please make sure you have arrived at the Gate specified on your ticket during these Check-In times.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes – we ask that fans wear a face mask at all times, unless medically exempt.

What are the arrangements for disabled supporters?
You can select a space in the wheelchair bay in the Origin Family Stand or Lords Builders Merchants Stand; once you have done this using your code, please email if you require a carer’s ticket in the adjacent seat.

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