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Dormeo Bedtime Stories: Jack Grimmer

Jack Grimmer reads aloud a poem by Chairboys fan Luke Kasian at the Dormeo showroom!

5 March 2020

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Apologies, this video is unvailable.

By Luke Kasian

There was a young boy who lived in the states,
he was filled with excitement for he could not wait.
He rushed out of bed and screamed to his Mum, 
“Today is the day to go to Wycombe!”   

He wolfed down his breakfast and combed his hair,
just hours from now they would be in the air.
He packed his bag and hopped on the plane,
with the world’s biggest smile he just couldn’t refrain. 

The flight was quite bumpy, but he didn’t care, 
Wycombe was getting closer, they were almost there. 
He gazed out the window, twas a beautiful scene, 
they had finally made it to the land of the Queen. 

The sun was setting and it began to grow dark, 
but faintly in the distance, was the roar of Adams Park. 
There were cheers and chants, the match was soon to begin,
“Come on you Blues” he shouted, “you must win! “

The whistle sounded and the match had begun,
There was Allsop, Charles, and Joe Jacobson! 
They were on the pitch, he could not believe his sight, 
this game would not be easy, but quite a tough fight. 

Wait just a minute, there goes Kashket, 
He’s done it! He’s done it! The ball finds the net! 
Scott has done it, he is Wycombe’s hero! 
The Wycombe Wanderers are winning, one to zero.

But oh no it can’t be, the opponents have scored! 
They found the equalizer, we hold the lead no more. 
“This game can’t end in a tie, I came all this way!”
Surely someone must step up, and save the day. 

It’s the 89th minute, this is Wycombe’s last chance! 
Allsop kicks the ball, it’s time to advance. 
Kashket has it again, he is going down the wing! 
He eyes up his target, and takes a big swing. 

The cross finds the box, the crowd is in awe, 
“Look!” “Look!” It found Akinfenwa! 
With the flick of his head, the striker puts it in, 
Akinfenwa has done it, he scored for the win! 

The final whistle sounds, and Wycombe has won, 
The crowd cheers and applauds, the celebration has begun! 
Wycombe is on top, the best team on earth, 
Led by the greatest coach around, Gareth Ainsworth. 

Sadly, it’s time to fly back, the trip is complete,
The boy got back home, and jumped in his sheets. 
He was sleepy and tired, but still pulsing with joy, 
it was the best day ever for the little Chair Boy.

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