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Rob: We're ready to go!

Chairman provides update on footballing and operational matters.

27 June 2020

Yesterday at 7.30pm UK time, I put on ESPN+ on our big screen just to make sure it will be ready for next Friday’s game. After all this time, it’s fantastic that football is finally back.

I did my usual check with Gareth. I try not to bother him but you never know - one day, he may want my advice on the right formation to play. He told me the team is excited and will be ready.

Next I checked with Kelly Francis, the team secretary, to again make sure that all of our players are eligible for the playoffs. They are.

I then turned my attention to things over which I might actually have some influence.

First, season tickets. I can’t tell you how happy I was when Pete informed me that we have less than 1000 season tickets left to be sold. We decided to be fair and to give all former season ticket holders an opportunity to purchase before opening to the general public on July 1. Given the number of requests we have received, I expect that we will sell out all available seats before the end of the playoffs! Remember we have capped our sales at 2,448 due to the potential that the stadium will have a reduced capacity for a short time when the new season starts, because of the Covid restrictions.

Next I asked Neil Peters, our Chief Commercial Officer, to make sure my dog Buster, as well as Missy and I, will have our faces in the crowd on game day at Adams Park in the form of a cutout which will be attached to the seats. He told me I needed to go on line and purchase them at before July 1st. Why wait? I did it. Look for the three of us.

He also told me that the Wanderer Wall had been a spectacular success. As of today,  we only have 15 left and they will probably sell out early next week. We bought three: one for Missy and me; another for my son Rob, his wife Shannon, and our grandson Jack;  and one for my son, Ben.

Matt Cecil, our multi-talented media manager, gave me an update on the special souvenir programme. Apparently almost 800 people have already purchased out of our allocation of 1000. I made sure we bought ours so that we can be ready for game day. Matt also told me that all the flags and signs will be prominently displayed in Adams Park for the entire WorldWide Phenomenon to observe.

I checked with David Cook, who is working on all matters relating to our Covid protocols, to make sure Adams Park will be ready to host the second leg. He assured me it will be.

Finally, I checked in with the boss. Missy says that all she wants for her birthday on July 3 is for us to win the first leg. That way we can celebrate Independence Day in the US and our friends in the UK can celebrate their own independence from the lockdown on July 4.  After that we need to make sure we are rested and ready for Monday night's game at 7.30.

It's going to be a very exciting week for members of the WorldWide Phenomenon. Whatever and wherever Chairboys are planning to celebrate and watch these games, please have a great time and know how proud I am to say Yeah, I’m a Wanderer.


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