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Rob: Season ticket launch is an exciting day

Chairman looks ahead to beginning 2020/21 preparations.

18 June 2020

Friday will be an exciting day for the Club. We are putting a limited number of 2020-21 season tickets on sale! As you can imagine, it’s been complicated figuring out what to do and when. Let me give you an overview so that you can understand why we are doing what we are doing.

The first thing we needed to do was to figure out how to conclude this season. While many people called and offered to forego any refund for which we are very grateful, we felt it was important that everyone have fair options that fit within their desire and economic situation. Although the best option would have been to play the games, I think you will find that we have crafted some decent alternatives.

Next, we needed to make a realistic plan for the coming year. Of course, this was complicated by the fact that the present season has not concluded, there is uncertainty over which league in which we will play (although I have a belief as to which one!), continued uncertainty over when the new season will begin, at what point fans will be allowed into Adams Park, and numerous other complicating first-time-ever issues.

People have watched what has taken place this year and want to be a part of it in the coming year. But how can we best accommodate them?

We have had to make certain assumptions that seem reasonable based on everything that we have learned from various sources. It appears likely the new season will start in September. While it may be behind closed doors for a bit, it’s more likely that we will be able to have a socially distanced crowd. This will probably reduce our capacity to about 25% of normal for the first part of the season.

Working with our Covid team, this means we can basically accommodate only this year’s season ticket holders. For that reason, we will limit the sale of season tickets for the first 12 days to those who had one this year. To the extent the tickets are not renewed, we will offer them to those who had them in prior years. However, until we learn differently, we must limit our sales to approximately the total season tickets we sold this year, which was 2,448.

While it might have been ideal to wait until all the uncertainty was concluded, it was important to us to allow those who have already asked to purchase tickets the opportunity to do so. It will also allow us to have the necessary resources to properly prepare for what should be an even better year for your Wanderers.

Thank you for your support.

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