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Rob: Monday will be our day

A message from the chairman.

12 July 2020

My favourite play is Henry V because of the scene that takes place on St. Crispen’s Eve before the Battle of Agincourt.

Every Christmas with Missy’s assistance, before the last guests leave our house, we gather everyone together and read Henry’s speech to his men. To me, it captures the fundamental spirit of people and the drive to obtain their aspirations no matter the odds.

I suppose it’s why I love trying cases, building businesses, and sports so much. Each involves being clear headed about the task and looking for the way to succeed no matter the odds.

I have a good friend who played college football at a high level in the United States. Unfortunately, his team was not very good. They lost virtually every game they played for three years. But I recall Ralph telling me that he always went into every game expecting to win. He knew it would take perfect effort but he thought it was possible.

Now why do I mention these stories as we get ready for our game on Monday?

Four reasons:

First, when you enter a battle, it’s not decided until it’s over. Odds are just that, probabilities. You play the game because that’s the only way you can find out who wins. Everything else is speculation. Watching our club is a breath-taking experience. Skill, speed, teamwork working toward a common goal. They make me proud every time.

Second, superior planning makes a difference. For all of Henry’s encouragement, if they had not brought the long bows, the French would have won. I don’t think I have met anyone who plans as well as Gareth. You can be confident he has thought through all the issues.

Third, talent makes a difference. When Ralph’s team added additional talented players who had the philosophy he did, they became winners. Our team is very fortunate. After we stabilized the budget, we were able to retain and add players that give us a depth we have not had in a generation or more.

We are fortunate that Gareth and our players are winners. They have the skills and work ethic that have produced our best League One season. They deserve everyone’s full throated support.

All of which brings me to my fourth point:

As Henry explained to his brave band of followers, those who were not with him that day would regret it forever. Just because we cannot be at Wembley, does not mean we cannot be with the boys. Many Wanderers throughout the world are proudly identifying themselves as Chairboys, planning watching parties, and offering their hopes up for a successful outcome.

All who identify with the Club before the game will always be able to claim solidarity with the effort. All will be able to tell their children where they were and what they were doing when Wycombe had its greatest victory. Monday will be our day. Make your support known and take pride in saying Yeah, I’m a Wanderer.

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