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Rob: It's been a real team effort

A statement from the owner of Feliciana EFL Ltd following the acquisition of a 75% share in Wycombe Wanderers.

25 February 2020

Rob Couhig, owner of Feliciana EFL Ltd, has issued a statement to acknowledge the support he received during the process of acquiring a 75% share in Wycombe Wanderers Football Club, which was finalised last week.

Mr Couhig said:

“In the next several days, we will be making announcements about our plans for the future of the club. I am certain everyone will agree that exciting days are ahead of us.

“Before getting too far down the path, I want to publicly acknowledge the assistance we received from the professionals we employed to guide us to completion. Everyone acknowledges the unique approach taken by ourselves and the Trust, in terms of the long engagement period and voting process. What is sometimes not understood is just how complex the actual papering of the deal was, the amount of due diligence, the number of parties, and the number of professionals from all the parties who were involved.

“From a legal standpoint, Feliciana EFL Limited was fortunate to have Cris Boyce of BoyceHatton in Torquay leading the team. He was our captain. We first began working with Cris almost 18 months ago after we had made the decision to invest in English football. He was recommended to us by another great lawyer and friend, Ian Veter, of Plymouth.

“Cris brought superb talent and expertise to this unique task. At every turn, he provided wise counsel and suggestions. On those occasions in which I wanted to take more risk than he believed appropriate, he was good enough to give me his recommendation, explain his reasoning, and accept my decision on how I wished to proceed. Beyond the quality of the work, I am personally most grateful for his patience with me. Together, we achieved a good result that had looked dubious from time to time. I feel fortunate that we ended the engagement with a clear understanding for and appreciation of each other’s skills. As someone who has practiced law for more than 40 years, it was a real joy to work with him.

“I think Cris would echo my sentiment that he was helped tremendously by his team: Steve Hanbury, who created some of the more intricate financing documents as we lent money to the club both originally and then in subsequent transactions; Joe Pengelly, who ably assisted in the lease discussions until he, as a precursor to me, went out of service to have a hip replaced. The good news is that Cheryl Smith picked up the task without missing a beat and brought us to the completion.

“We were fortunate that we were also able to have the assistance of top quality accountants from Mark Holt & Co, led by Simon Law and Stephanie Williams. They were able to not only assist me in both understanding the past losses but gain a real insight into the present and future.

“I also need to mention that while the Trust, Club, Frank Adams Legacy Limited and the various entities were well represented, all sides benefited from the professionalism and insight from the club’s resident professionals: Martyn Broughton, Dawn Evans and Kelly Francis. Without their help, I don’t think we could have ever achieved either agreement or completion.

“I am confident I have missed somebody. It was not intentional. Rather, the number of people from disparate disciplines to put this together was incredible. Each was important. Each made success possible. As with a football team, while there may have been one goal scored, everyone contributed to getting the ball in the net! Thank you.”

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