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Fans Council minutes from March meeting

Details from the most recent session of the Fans Council.

5 April 2019

The Fans Council held their last meeting on 14th March 2019, chaired by Tony Sutton, with general manager Michael Davies (MD) attending on behalf of the club, and Paul Smith (PS) and Will Stansbury (WS) on behalf of ABM Catering. Chairman Trevor Stroud sent his apologies.

1. Investment Update
Andrew Harman has withdrawn his bid.

Trust board directors have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the offer made by Bill Luby and Jim Collis and have called a meeting of Legacy Members on Weds 10th Apr 2019 to present the details of the bid and initiate a voting period for Members to determine whether or not the offer should be accepted.

2. Sunderland Post Match Analysis
A successful match day with  a record match-day spend for the club  but despite this MD said lessons were taken including more food and beverage facilities in both home and away marquees and the stewarding resources for such future events.

There was some damage with 40 chairs broken: 30 in the Lords Stand and 10 in the Beechdean.

3. Kiosk and Match Day Catering
PS said kiosks are now coping better. 12 extra staff were brought in for the Sunderland game.  There were a few complaints about cold pies from one kiosk which was down to leaving the pie warmer door open which cooled pies as staff tried to serve quicker. Any pies returned were either refunded or replaced without any problem.  The wind blew out the paella pan and therefore 120 portions were not sold.  A wind shield will be purchased to overcome this.

There was a power cut for two kiosks but electricians on site fixed this quickly.

Pie warmers are getting old, and the club are trying to negotiate with suppliers for new ones.

The pod in the terrace will be ready for the Portsmouth game.

ABM are going to trial a Children’s Snack Box with sausage roll, fruit bag, crisps and water or fruit juice.  There will also be a free pencil and game on the back.  The price will be £3.50 and available next home game (Portsmouth, 6th Apr 2019).

4. Commercial Update
So far over 1000 season tickets have been sold.

Question asked whether the deadline can be extended and also whether the Season Ticket seats from last year could be held until the same time as last year - under consideration by the board.

UPDATE: Early-bird deadline extended to 12th Apr 2019.

Subsequent to the meeting  Zebra have withdrawn their payment plan option for many clubs. MD has reported that he hopes to be able to announce a replacement offering very soon.

It was pointed out that the club marketing should read ‘12 and under’ not ‘Under 12’ . This will be amended.

Kit sponsorship – new deals are being signed with both local and national companies. The change strip will be changing for next season and be reduced to one rather than two change kits.

A Big Screen contract has been offered at no cost with a sharing of possible advertising. Out of courtesy as over a long period of time this has been passed to bidders for majority ownership to review.  MD hopes to progress this quickly in order to be up and running for next season.

There being no other business the meeting ended.  The following dates are for the Fans Council meetings this season – 2nd Thursday of the month

Next Fans Council Meeting: 11th April 2019

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