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All aboard SET's quest for a minibus!

Voting is now open for the Aviva Community Fund.

23 October 2018

Wycombe Wanderers Sports & Education Trust are appealing to Chairboys fans to submit votes via the Aviva Community Fund to enable the club's charitable arm to win a bid for funding for a new minibus.

*Click here to vote for SET's minibus campaign!*

Now in its third year, the Aviva Community Fund welcomes applications from charitable organisations, who have the opportunity to receive funding based on votes from the public.

Each registrant on the website has 10 votes, which can be distributed between various charities, or all applied to one cause. The closing date is November 20th.

To vote for SET's minibus campaign, visit the website here - there are a few steps to follow but it could all be worth it!

- Click to 'register and login'
- Input your details and submit
- Confirm your account via an email sent to your address (note you are not required to receive marketing emails from Aviva as a result)
- Return to the webpage to apply your 10 votes to SET's campaign

SET have issued the following appeal:

We would like to be fully inclusive and purchase a fully accessible minibus so all members of the community can enjoy the projects on offer.

Our mission is to deliver innovative and appealing activities for the local community of High Wycombe.

The largest barrier that we face is our location. Due to the location of our classroom, access to members of the local community is very limited due to poor public transport links. The nearest bus stop with a regular service to the classroom is 0.8 miles, a 20 minute walk through a busy industrial estate. A minibus would allow us to meet people and bring them safely to the venue. Activity based projects often take part at venues around the town of High Wycombe, access to these venues is just as challenging. Many participants are unable to reach other venues across the town on public transport or cannot simply afford to get there.

During the week education programmes are run from the classroom at Adams Park offering local schools the opportunity to learn in a unique environment. With budget cuts affecting local schools many are unable to pay for transport for these learning opportunities. A new minibus would allow us to collect pupils from local schools giving them access to an inspiring venue.

Programmes run seven days a week allowing maximum contact time with some of the town’s most vulnerable young people. Having the minibus would mean they could be picked up and not on the streets, being anti-social; they can be taken to a secure safe space to enjoy sporting activities. Local youth clubs would also be able to access the minibus to undertake community projects and trips.

For Wycombe Wanderers home games the minibus would be used to pick up young carers to bring them to the game. The impact that this could have, is almost immeasurable. As well as this during school holidays young carers and looked after children can be picked up and taken to sports and education camps.

Within a 10 mile radius of Adams Park there are a number of rural communities that would also benefit from many of the projects run by WWSET. With Evening activities taking place, public transport is scarce or non- existent, a minibus would allow these rural communities access to projects such as Football Fans in Training, Fit and Fed and education programmes to enhance numeracy, literacy and IT skills.

Each week over 1200 local children take part in football activities, a minibus would allow them to take part in fixtures with other schools and clubs, that they may not have had the opportunity to do so before.

One area that a minibus would have a significant impact is in our partnership with Bucks Recovery College, we offer physical activity and mental health learning, taking people out of the classroom to learn different coping strategies in the local environment. It would enable us to collect members of the group and take them to different areas of the Chiltern Hills for their weekly well-being walks. Due to the nature of mental health some members of the group do not work or are on low income so cannot afford the cost of public transport or a taxi service to our classes.

It is anticipated that as many as 100 members of the local community could benefit from the use of the minibus each week. We strongly believe the purchase of a minibus would have the single biggest impact on local engagement for some years.

We hope that with your support we can increase the number of local people able to access projects that we have on offer within High Wycombe and the surrounding areas.

We thank you in advance for your time to vote.

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