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Me and my Wycombe - Jonny King

5 September 2015

Jonny King recounts his history as a Wanderers fan.

Where do you sit/stand? At the back of the Valley End Terrace on the right side. Depending on what I got up to on the Friday night, I’m often very grateful to have the back wall to lean on.

Who do you come to games with? I live in Devon now, so travelling to games is a long and lonely affair these days, but I always meet up with my friend Matt and he gives me a lift to the ground in return for a cup of Adams Park’s famous ‘beefy drink’.

How long have you been a supporter? About sixteen years, although sometimes it feels a lot longer than that.

What made you first start coming to matches? I first went to a game in 1997, but I didn’t start coming regularly until 1999. I think I was put off by John Gregory’s scowl.

What was your first match as a fan? A 1-0 home win against Blackpool. Keith Scott scored the winner in front of the Valley End and in the ensuing celebrations the kid behind me threw up down my back.

What has been your favourite moment supporting the club? It has to be the great FA Cup run of 2001, culminating in that wonderful day at Villa Park. Seeing us line up against Liverpool in the semi-finals was a very proud moment for me. That whole season was amazing, a fantastic time to be a Wycombe fan.

Who’s the best player you’ve seen during your time as a fan? After about twenty minutes of arguing with myself, I’ve finally settled on Martin Taylor. An exceptionally gifted goalkeeper, who really was far too good to be playing for us and no doubt would have played at a higher level had it not been for injury. You always fancied him in a one-on-one, which was handy given some of the defences he played behind.

Who’s been your favourite player to wear the quarters and why? I like players who wear their heart on their sleeve and show a passion for the club. I always appreciated players like Steve Brown, Mark Rogers, Keith Ryan and Gareth Ainsworth, but if I had to pick one then I’d go for Matt Bloomfield. He’s always given 100% and has been injured putting his body on the line for the club. His passion and enthusiasm for Wycombe Wanderers is clear to see and to go twelve years at one club in this day and age, especially at this level, is an extraordinary achievement.

Tell us a funny story from your time supporting the club? I was honoured to be given the opportunity to assist with the matchday commentary away at Plymouth last season, but whilst hastily typing updates on the club’s twitter feed, I mispelled a certain word and subsequently posted a rather rude tweet. It was quickly deleted, but not before it had been retweeted over fifty times. I’m still getting grief from Phil Catchpole about that one.

What does the club mean to you? The club is a big part of who I am. It’s part of my character and what defines me. I think perhaps I feel it more keenly now I don’t live here anymore, but I take great pride in being able to say that this is my hometown and this is my club - a club owned by its supporters and local community. We’re a small club with no money but we keep punching above our weight and causing upsets. We never give up. There is a spirit here and a closeness between the players and fans (and ballboys) that I can’t imagine exists at many other clubs. It really does feel like we’re all moving forward as one.

Describe Wycombe Wanderers in three words: Foul mouthed tweets.

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