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Blooms' Kenya blog: Day 6

9 June 2013

Day six - It was an early start today as we were heading out on safari.

We didn't realise that we are staying only 15 minutes away from the National Park. I haven't ever been on safari so I was really excited to see what we were going to find.

We have done a lot of work out here so it was great to have a reward at the end of the week. It would be a shame to come all this way and not see a few sights.

Our bus was too crowded to be allowed into the park so Matt Sadler, Darren and myself joined the Pompey bus for the day. They are four great lads and a girl and we really enjoyed spending the day with them.

As you can imagine, football talk and League 2 talk was top of the agenda and they were eager to know more about the league and my thoughts on how I think they will fare next season. They are certainly a passionate bunch.

We saw some baboons as soon as we entered the park and we soon found a spot to stop for a few photos. Our tour guide pulled down the safari top of our van and explained that it was due to the baboons looking for snacks to steal.

One of the other vans hadn't shut their window properly and, as soon as they got out, a baboon was in the window, grabbed a lunch bag and was out again. It was so quick.

Next thing I know there is a scream from the bus which is carrying our guys. I turned round and the scream had come from a hysterical Charlotte with a baboon sat on the open roof of the van just a few feet away.

Matt Cecil was also in the van and although he assures me he had everything under control, we think that the scream could actually have been from him. As soon as I knew everyone was ok I was able to laugh as it was hilarious!

We saw zebra, giraffes, buffalo, rhinos, warthogs, monkeys amongst others. It was fantastic to see them in their natural habitat. However, the most excitement was definitely reserved for the lions. They were incredible.

We were literally just a few feet away from the king of the jungle. I was just in awe of this amazing animal. The fact that we were so close added an element of danger as well, which added to the excitement in the bus.

We then went to see the equator crossing. I must admit to being a little underwhelmed by it all. I'm not sure what I was expecting to see but it was great to have a photo of our group with the Wycombe flag we brought with us.

On the way to the equator we saw the Rift Valley. It stretches from Israel to Mozambique and is just a beautiful view.

Next on the agenda was Thomson Falls. There was a waterfall at the National Park that was pretty impressive and we all enjoyed seeing that, but Thomson falls blew that out of the water (excuse my banter, it's been a long week).

We were told to bring walking boots as it's a bit of a trek to walk to the bottom but as usual we just turned up in our trainers. We weren't going to be put off though and made our way down the steps. Half way down the steps stopped and from there on in it was all about improvising. It was pretty tricky terrain but we gave it a good go.

The spray from the water started getting stronger and but the time we reached the bottom we were drenched. It was a quality feeling though and we managed to get some amazing photos.

We then realised the the Derby group had taken things to another level and started climbing up the other side. Ben Campbell and myself were bang up for trying to catch them up but the voice of reason Matt Cecil talked us out of it.

Our mic man has got a little bit of banter on here this week, but he is the man we all turn to when we have a question and is an endless fountain of knowledge. Of course he was right to talk us out of the extra climbing. He is always right.

Fair play to Derby though, these guys have worked hard and played hard. They are great lads and we have made bonds with both them and Pompey. We are hoping to arrange something to mark the two games against Pompey this season and I have exchanged email addresses with the community guy at Derby about keeping in touch regarding the project out here.

The walk back up was really enjoyable and everyone got a good leg burn. The weirdo inside me came out though and I decided to leave the rest of the guys and get back up to the top as quickly as I could.

Our evening was fairly subdued and we are looking forward to our last day before we head home. Another great day and great experience. I sound like a broken record....

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