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Blooms' Kenya blog: Day 4

7 June 2013

Day four - Today was the day that we visited the slums - what a humbling and sobering experience.

The feeling of euphoria from the work we have been doing over the last two days was replaced by a sombre thoughtfulness.

We visited a family who had lost their mother two days ago. It was the first slum we visited and we were brought back down to earth with a bang.

We then visited a blind lady who looks after her three children on her own. Her husband gets up in the morning and goes out all day. He doesn't work but its the done thing over here that the men do what they want.

This lady has to be lead around by her children who can be no older than two or three years-old. It is hard to comprehend just how she gets through life.

We bought bags of flour, sugar and butter on the way to the slums and distributed these to the families we visited. They cost us 200 shillings per bag, about£1.80, and we were told that they will feed the whole family for two weeks.

The look on their faces when we gave them the bags was fantastic. I could tell the lads were a little emotional.

The work we are doing on the new Mama Kerry site is really coming along. The walls are looking great and we had the time of our lives when we were allowed to cause mass destruction on the floor!

Basically half of the room was about a foot higher than the other half so we were given hoes to attack the higher half. It was brilliant. Who would have thought that three grown men would get so much enjoyment from digging up so much solid mud.

This afternoon we concreted the floor and even started 'plastering' the outside walls. At the time of writing, there's heavy rain and we are all really hoping that we don't turn up tomorrow and all our hard work has been washed off the wall.

Also worth mentioning is our relationship with Steve, the guy who is helping us with our building work. Up until today the only words we have been able to get out of him are "more water" when we are mixing up the cement.

We even thought he was looking forward to us leaving as he has been giving us some funny looks when we have been working and singing songs along the way.

Today, however, we made a breakthrough. He was joking about with us and even managed to extend his sentence to "Mzungu, more water"! We are hoping to break down more barriers tomorrow.

The girls over at the Destiny site bought all the ingredients and cooked for the 72 children at their school. They cooked rice, potatoes, tomatoes and kidney beans. They were so proud to tell us all about it when they picked us up at the end of the day.

The last two days have been such tough physical days that I haven't needed to go to the gym. I was, however, feeling very guilty today so dragged some of the crew along with me to do my rehab.

We found a field over the back of our accommodation so had a group run but then only Ben Campbell and myself made it to the gym for the strength and core exercises. Apparently the running was hard enough for the others!

This blog was written on Thursday 6th June.

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