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Blooms' Kenya blog: Day 3

6 June 2013

Day three. Ok, so first off the good news about the hot water turns out to be a red herring.

We are back to ice cold water so are heading down to the other guys' room on a regular basis to freshen up for the trip!

This morning was a very slow morning on our project. The enthusiasm of yesterday was replaced by tired bodies and minds. We encountered a problem with the outside wall and needed some inspiration all morning.

That inspiration came at lunch when we came back over to Mama Kerry school to feed the kids their lunch and play some games. I really can't explain the joy the kids give to you when they greet you with huge smile and literally run as fast as they can just to hold your hand.

We introduced the konga and just when I thought that yesterday's hokey-kokey couldn't get any crazier the children took it to a new level! It was mental!

I started a game with the kids that I play with my nephew where I throw them up in airn- what a mistake! My arms are hanging and on top of the work we have done at the project I haven't been to the gym for two days now!

We arranged for our driver Peter (Peter Odem-driver, it seems funny to us) to pick us up two hours later so we can maximise the time we have on the project. We finished all the work we could do with half an hour to spare so the group indulged in a game of football on the play ground.

There was a lot of effort on the lads behalf, but I must report that our 20th birthday girl Rosie scored the winner and celebrated all evening! Her mum Bridget brought along a birthday cake and we all had a few birthday drinks to celebrate.

It's funny how a trip like this brings a group together, we have bonded and wanted to celebrate in style for Rosie.

Whilst the team played football, I was able to have a chat with one of the teachers. Alan has just moved from Nairobi to work for his grandfather at the project. He grew up in the slums and has worked his whole life to escape that life and gain a better existence for himself.

His told me that his friends are either in prison or dead. That's the severity of the situation. I could see his eyes welling up as he explained his story to me. He assured me that he didn't mind answering my questions but I could tell that it was a life that brought pain and suffering.

I can honestly say that he is an inspiration to me and someone who I will always try and stay in touch with. His inner desire and hunger to succeed for a better life are far and above anything that we in the western world can comprehend.

I will leave all my Wycombe kit here with him so he can spread the Wycombe name and continue the work that we have helped contribute towards.

We are off to the slums tomorrow, I'm not sure my emotions can take much more but wish me luck. We are going to be seeing the other side of these children's lives. This is real. This is what life throws at these innocent kids.

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