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Blooms' Kenya blog: Day 2

6 June 2013

Day two: I think today is a day that I can safely say I will remember for the rest of my life.

Our travelling squad has been split into two groups working on separate projects. One group is attending a small school called Destiny and the group I am in is working at a school called Mama Kerry.

The greeting we got when we walked through the gates was amazing, welcomed with a ceremony of singing and dancing, followed by lots of hi-fives, hand shakes and huge smiles from all of the children.

We have already met an eight year-old girl called Emily who has melted all of our hearts. She led the ceremony and the talent and confidence she showed was way beyond her years. It is such a crying shame that she will not have the opportunities in life that an English eight year-old would have.

The hard work then began after a briefing from Pastor William, who was already wearing a Wycombe shirt that he was given on last year's trip. We met Alan and Steve who are in charge of building a new school just a stone's throw away from the current one, which the children will move into on completion. They can no longer afford the rent to stay at the current site, which is why their appreciation for our work was so overwhelming.

Our first job was to 'plaster' a wall that has already been erected. A mixture of mud, cement and water is then flung at the wall with a trowel until it all sticks. It took us a little bit of time to get the technique but once we got it, we were off!

Lunchtime was such an eye-opening experience. The children are so disciplined in queuing single file, but you can tell how hungry they are. We helped hand out the food but by the time it comes to seconds, it's first-come, first-served. They all eat as fast as they can and queue up again.

Back into the playground for a game of headers, more hi-fives and even some hokey-kokey! It went down a storm and we had to promise that we can play it again tomorrow, but I'm sure the teachers won't be too impressed as it will once again descend into chaos... good chaos!

We were able to crack on with the work again this afternoon before returning to the school for their prayer service before they all left.

The other group have literally just returned as I'm writing this. The girls have all got braided hair after the children gave them new styles, and Matt Sadler has talked us through how he cooked the children rice and beans for their lunch. And rescued a child who got stuck under a gate!

Becci took a class of two to four year-olds this morning and taught them counting 1-10 and some objects in Swahili. She says it was hard work being thrown in at the deep end, having a class on her own, but such a rewarding morning.

On a lighter note, the 'lads pad' has just figured out how we get hot water from our shower. We've had two days of the quickest freezing cold showers but we have just figured out how to make it warm! Ok, we were shown, but the end result is great news!

This blog was written on Tuesday 5th and uploaded at the earliest opportunity.

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