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A letter from Rob Couhig, chairman of Wycombe Wanderers

Rob Couhig updates Chairboys supporters.

23 March 2020

First, I want to thank our employees, players, staff, supporters, and sponsors for their dedication and patience during this unprecedented health crisis.

Second, please continue to take prudent care and measures to protect your health and that of others with whom you come into contact. Please follow the government’s recommendations.

Third, I know that this has been a period of great difficulty and concern for you in many unexpected areas of your life. We are working to bring some certainty to the Club as we work our way through this uncharted time.

The Club will survive this crisis. It’s our intention to come out the other side in a better position and financially able to survive long into the future.

We also know that the Club will have no revenue for the foreseeable future. However, we have certain expenses that must be met and we will meet them.

At the same time, we must take certain immediate steps to reduce expenses to reflect the reality that we will not be playing any games for at least six more weeks, with no events at the stadium for at least that time, and conceivably a much longer period for both. In taking these steps, we are following government guidelines that basically have shut down the operation.

The stadium at Adams Park will remain closed to the public, with a few designated employees and necessary security remaining on-site. If anyone desires to purchase merchandise, this can be accommodated by emailing the Club on and arrangements can be made to have it mailed or picked up in the parking lot at arranged times.

Similarly, the training grounds are no longer available for our players. The players have been terrific but we must follow government guidelines. I am pleased that Dave Wates has given each player personalized recommendations for how to keep not only healthy but in shape as best they can do at home. Hopefully, when they return, they will be ready to resume their fight for promotion.

While it is true that the EFL has made arrangements for some funding now, this money is basically money that was already due to the club in the future. This is also true with our tax obligations. While we can delay payment, it’s only that, a delay, not relief. In essence, we are borrowing from our future to continue as best we can in the present.

We are also looking into the potential of government-backed loans for organizations similar to ours. Again, it’s important to recognize this money has to be paid back. We will need to fundamentally change our method of operation and commit to producing net revenues if we are to avail ourselves of these loans. I am not going to request a loan that will only allow us to return to where we were before the interruption. If we are to borrow money, it must produce the revenue necessary to pay back the loan plus a reasonable return for the risk involved in borrowing the money.

The government has made arrangements to provide certain assistance for employees. We are examining these options to see what we can do to help the Club maintain the income for our employees.

The next weeks are going to be difficult ones. I am committed to working with our employees and staff to do those things that are most likely to preserve the Club. While some of my decisions may have undesirable short-term ramifications and provoke some adverse reactions, please know that each decision is being done with the hope and expectation that it will make the Club stronger now and sustainable into the future.

I have great confidence that we will get through this together. Your Wanderers will be a source of great comfort and pride in the future. But for now, we must all do our part.

Please know that the entire WorldWide Phenomenon is in our thoughts and prayers.

Rob Couhig

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